Whole Flank Steak

500g - 1kg

Often considered offal, flank steak has seen a huge surge in popularity and no wonder thanks to its relatively economical price.

Flank is a lesser-known cut you should know about. It is a wonderfully flavoured, large and long-striated muscle that takes on flavours well. Lean and boneless with lots of intense beef flavour. Best when marinated and grilled or barbecued in one whole piece then sliced.

Fresh meat
Delivered fresh | 1kg Serves 4
Whole uncut piece


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Product Description


Located below the loin is home to the Flank. We expertly trim the piece so that it is ready for you to cook in the oven or even better on the BBQ. The texture is the same as you would expect from Pork middle – reasonably smooth and easy to cut. The uninterrupted taste just loves the smoke but BBQ and gives a great eating experience!

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