Rolled Beef Brisket Joint

1kg - 3kg

Beef Brisket is a really hearty, traditional joint that is full of character and with a real old-fashioned depth of beef flavour.

Our grass-fed Brisket has a wonderful amount of rich buttery fat, that is best slow-cooked to allow the fat to gently render.

Fresh meat

Delivered fresh | 1kg Serves 4
100% grass-fed beef


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Product Description


Brisket is a classic traditional cut that is popular for roast dinners and any day of the week. Hand-rolled with natural fats it is ideal for slow cooking either in the oven, barbecue or smoker.

The ultimate cut for making a family melt in the mouth roast, homemade salt or corned beef – it takes a bit of time and effort, but oh my – the results are mouthwatering!

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