Free Range Pork Leg Boned & Rolled

1kg - 3kg

A popular roasting joint, our Leg of Pork is deboned, trimmed, tied and scored. This joint is a delicious roast which promises some serious crackling when rubbed with salt and given a good hot heat.

Sourced from a supply of free-range Rare Breed herds for deep colour and character that mass-produced pork simply cannot match.

All our pork is dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days, which concentrates the rich flavours and gives the meat its standout flavour and quality.

Fresh meat

Delivered fresh | 1kg Serves 2 – 4
Boneless, rolled and ready to cook


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Product Description


One of our favourite joints of pork to cook, our Boneless easy carve Leg of Pork is packed full of sweet melting flavour, with a generous amount of fat that renders beautifully when cooked long and slow. Brilliant with mash and roast potatoes, seasonal veg and a dab of apple sauce.

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