Boston Butt (Pulled Pork)

2kg - 3kg

The best Butchered cut for pulled pork and a slow-cook favourite that offers a lot of flavours and a wonderful silky texture.

The choice cut for pit masters and Barbecue connoisseurs, Boston Butt is renowned as the best shoulder cut for pulled pork because this cut of pork is from above the shoulder blade which contains more marbling, making it suitable for low ’n’ slow barbecue smoking.

The marbling evenly distributes heat during cooking resulting in juicy, succulent and melt-in-the-mouth Rare Breed pork.

Fresh meat

Delivered fresh | 2kg Serves 6 – 8
Best cooked low and slow


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Product Description


Comprised of two main cuts of pork, the blade bone and the collar or chuck (just like beef), our expert butchers carefully cut the Pork Boston Butt but upper part of the shoulder area making sure not to slice into the main muscles leaving it as one whole piece.

Easy to cook our Boston Butt simply needs rubbing with some spices or a BBQ meat rub, then cooking on slow-and-low heat either in the oven, smoker or Barbecue.

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