Baby Back Pork Ribs

454g - 1814g

When you are looking for extra meaty Baby Back Pork Ribs to smoke on the Barbecue, these are the perfect ribs!

The meat content of our baby back ribs makes them a great value for money pork cut on the market because you get a much higher meat-to-bone ratio.

Our expert butchers parallel cut the bones to give an even rack of ribs approximately 6-8 cm wide that makes for better-sharing portions. The bones are covered with succulent loin meat evenly from top to bottom letting you get good absorption of smoke and seasoning into the meat.

Frozen meat

This product is frozen and will defrost during transit to you. Ensure this product is thoroughly defrosted before cooking. We strongly recommend using within 48 hours for best quality. This product must not be refrozen.

454g Serves 1
Whole piece rack


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These are a great sharing starter as they can be cut into 2 rib portions for awesome finger food. One of the reasons our Meaty Baby Back Pork Ribs are so popular is because they are good value and you get more meat for your pound.

Nutritional Information
Crafted Meats maintains rigorous hygiene methods and use equipment to vacuum pack most produce. Always store vacuum-packed meat in the refrigerator or in the freezer. Please follow the pack label instructions for further information. Always thaw meat thoroughly before cooking and do not re-freeze once thawed.
How to Cook Baby Back Pork Ribs

How to Cook Baby Back Pork Ribs

There are loads of different ways to cook Baby Back Ribs, but Barbecue or roasting in the oven is the best.

You want the meat to fall away from the bone and therefore make sure you give them plenty of time.

Here’s a quick guide to cooking a rack of ribs:

  • Preheat the oven to 200ºC (180 for fan).
  • Once the oven has reached temperature, cover the marinated ribs in tin foil and place on a roasting dish. Pop in the oven for 1 hour 15 minutes or until the meat easily pulls away from the bone.
  • Remove the foil for the final 15 minutes of the cooking time, transfer the ribs to a board, cut them up and tuck in with your favourite sides!
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